Decoration can be a fun part of preparing for your event! However, this task can also be overwhelming on a smaller budget and/or timeline. At The Belle Hollow, we offer several pieces of decor for a variety of styles to fit your event! We have curated 3 centerpieces from our collection to inspire you and show a taste of what we have to offer! 

1. Rustic

This earthy centerpiece showcases our woodblock and signature blue mason jar. Who doesn’t love a mason jar? This look is perfect for the country folk, cottagecore enthusiast, and nature-lover alike! Add some seasonal flowers and one of our number blocks to bring everything together. 

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2. Romantic

For this look, we exchanged the mason jar for candle vases for a more romantic vibe. We love that our woodblocks are versatile for many different styles! You can choose from three different heights for our vases, or include all three! Bring your own candles, real or fake, and some greenery to complete this style. 

3. Vintage

This centerpiece is for the old soul bringing amazing vintage vibes! We have gold-painted books and clear bottles of different shapes and sizes available for this look. Add some florals or greenery of your own to bring this piece to life!

Did these looks inspire you for your next event? If so, reach out today to book a venue tour! The Belle Hollow offers a blank canvas for your unique style! Sign up for our email list to be the first to know about future posts!