Weddings in Clarksville TN

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Can we talk about how expensive weddings are? The cost of a wedding can become outrageous these days ($28,000 according to The Knot Real Weddings Study)! We at The Belle Hollow want to help you have the wedding of your dreams within the budget of your reality. Here are some helpful tips to keep costs low without cheapening your special day!


I did this at my wedding and loved it! The new tradition of a dummy cake is sweeping the wedding industry as brides become more cost-conscious. The idea is to have your main wedding cake to be fake while serving your guests a sheet cake or another sweet! You can rent a faux cake, purchase one from your local baker, or DIY! This option isn’t always cheaper depending on the baker, costs of supplies or alternative dessert options so make sure to price it out before you decide! Another perk to this option is that your cake stays beautiful and photo-ready all night! Guests love a wedding cake photo op!


Weddings in Clarksville TN

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Here are some local bakeries that offer faux cakes:

Callie Foster Dessert Design

Sweet Tooth Designer Cakes

The Farmhouse Cakery

You can also opt for a DIY Dummy Cake if you are feeling crafty! You can create your own using this tutorial for under $50!


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This is also something that I did for my big day that I DO NOT regret! While having your hair and makeup done can take some stress and pressure off of you, it’s important to think about taking on this task yourself. I did several trial sessions with makeup artists and hairstylists in my area but didn’t feel like myself with the finished product. I was nervous that the day would be too busy or stressful for me to worry about another thing to do, but putting on my makeup and curling my hair was actually relaxing and gave me some time to myself. I will add that there are some amazing makeup artists and hairstylists out there that can give you a more natural look if you opt for these services!

Here are some great tutorial videos for hair and makeup:

Easy Bridal Bun Tutorial

Classic Bridal Makeup Tutorial

Braided Half-Up How-To

19 DIY Wedding Makeup Tips


Wedding tips

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Flowers are a beautiful touch to your wedding, but they can cost a pretty penny too! You can include a higher ratio of greenery in your decor to cut some costs of florals. This gives a great natural vibe to your wedding while saving you some cash! At The Belle Hollow, we offer faux greenery in addition to some beautiful decor for your centerpieces and other areas of your wedding! Many of our brides take advantage of the decor we have available and save hundreds of dollars in their budget! If you are feeling ambitious, you can create your own bouquets with flowers from your local grocery store! 

Here are some resources for cheaper wedding floral options:

Bulk Wedding Flowers – Harmony Harvest Farm

DIY Wedding Bouquet


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Physical wedding invitations can become a headache and unnecessary time waster! I remember sitting at my dining table for hours every night for an entire week addressing, stamping, and sending wedding invitations. The cost of fancy wedding invitations, envelopes, and stamps add up quick! Don’t get me wrong, picking out the design and picture for your invitations can be a fun and creative process! It’s important to consider electronic invitations to save you time and money! Electronic invitations are becoming more popular because people just don’t send mail anymore. It’s easy for invitations to get lost in the mail, sent to the wrong address, or even worse, RSVPs never returned!

Here are some websites offering online invitations:


Evite (free)

Paperless Post  



Weddings in Clarksville TN

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Did you know that most venues (including ours) have lower rates for Fridays and Sundays than Saturdays? You can shave off a large part of your budget, like hundreds of dollars, by avoiding a Saturday booking! Not only will your cost be lowered, but the vendors you want will more than likely have more availability! This is because most weddings still take place on Saturdays. According to a study in 2015 by The Knot, over 70% of weddings take place on a Saturday. By booking just one day before or after your original date, you save hundreds of dollars and you are more likely to book the vendor of your choice! That’s two big wins!

Whatever your budget, these tips will help you cut your wedding costs without cheapening your special day! Your dream wedding doesn’t have to break the bank! The Belle Hollow is here to help you make your wedding great at an affordable price.