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Wedding photography has the power to capture precious moments and make them last a lifetime! At The Belle Hollow, we know how important it is for our couples to have their special day documented for them to look back on year after year. You may find yourself unsure of what questions to ask and overwhelmed in the process of finding the right photographer for you! We sat down with local Wedding Photographer, Sarah Moser with    Sarah Moser Photography, who shared with us some important questions to ask your potential photographer as well as some do’s and don’ts to help make the experience great for everyone!


Questions To Ask Your Photographer


Wedding photographers have their own unique style and process! Here are some clarifying questions to ask that will help you determine who is the best fit for you!


1. What is your approach to posing? How are you going to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera?


2. What exactly is included in your packages?


3. How many photos do you typically deliver in a full wedding gallery?

4. Will I receive copies of the digital images and the print rights? 


5. Do you edit each image that you return in the gallery?


6. Can you send me a full gallery?


Do’s & Don’ts

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Have an unplugged ceremony. No one wants Aunt Karen blocking the first kiss with her iPhone.


Relax!! Your photographer should be an expert at weddings by this point. Trust them to follow the timeline, find the best lighting, and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, They know what they are doing and you will be way happier with your images if you trust your photographer completely.


Have all your detail photos (shoes, invitations, rings, flowers, etc) ready in one area when your photographer arrives on your wedding day. It makes our job 100 times easier when we don’t have to spend time finding these items! If you have them all laid out we can get right to shooting when we arrive.




Wait too long to book your photographer! Most photographers book weddings at least a year in advance. Photographers and Venues are the first two things you should book for your big day.


Put a filter on top of your professionally edited images. “Gosh, I cannot stress this enough. Photographers spend hours (literally, HOURS) editing photos and when you slap an Instagram filter on one of our photos, it CRUSHES us! Haha, but really.” – Sarah




About Sarah

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Photo provided by Sarah Moser Photography

Sarah is a wedding photographer based out of Nashville, TN, passionate about creating photos that capture real moments for couples, totally and completely in love. 

She bought her first camera in 2014, shot her first wedding in the spring of 2015, and have been photographing couples in love ever since.  

“I get the opportunity  to walk through an exciting season of life with engaged couples. I capture their love in a fun, relaxed, natural way during their engagement session and feel the anticipation for their wedding day. On their wedding day I get to witness a father give his daughter away, a husband anxiously awaiting his wife, a  glowing bride, a teary eyed first look, a first dance between a mother and her baby boy. I take these moments seriously because these moments will soon become memories that you will pass down for generations to come.” 


Sarah Moser 

Owner, Sarah Moser Photography 

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Whether you have your photographer booked or are in the process of finding the perfect fit, we hope these tips are helpful! Don’t know where to start? We have a list of preferred vendors for your convenience!

The Belle Hollow is here to provide a great space and wonderful customer service for your big day!